Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley may be two different operating systems



Microsoft has been working on something called Windows Sun Valley for some time now and while the update was expected to add a “radical visual rejuvenation” to the operating system, no one knew there would be huge confusion over the update. day.

When rumors of Sun Valley’s update first hit the internet, people thought it was another Windows 10 update with lots of new features and big visual changes. In other words, it was thought to be another fascinating name for a major Windows 10 update. But to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley are two systems. different operating systems.

As first spotted by Most recent windows, Microsoft accidentally posted a support page for the Sun Valley update, confirming rumors that the update existed. The most interesting part, however, is that, on the search for support documents page, the line “Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley” may have hinted that Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley are two different operating systems. .

Image: Latest Microsoft / Windows

However, it should be noted that Sun Valley may just be a placeholder for the next “next generation of Windows”. In other words, Microsoft may not call it Sun Valley when it officially launches. That being said, many Microsoft watchers are of the opinion that Sun Valley is the code name for the Windows 11 update. Anyway, the fact that Microsoft makes a distinction between Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley could mean that the Seattle tech giant will handle the two operating systems differently.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft was quick to remove the Windows Sun Valley row from the Microsoft support page, which in turn suggests that Microsoft wanted to keep this a secret until June 24, when the Microsoft CEO. , Satya Nadella and Panos Panay, will launch the “next generation of Windows”.

Fortunately, the reference to Sun Valley can still be found on GitHub as Microsoft’s support documents are kept on the Git repository hosting service.

Image: Latest GitHub / Windows

The next Windows Sun Valley update is expected to come with a new Start menu, new action center, new Settings app, new system icons, rounded corners. Microsoft has also been rumored to have ported some features of Windows 10X to the Sun Valley. You will learn more about the operating system on launch day. In the meantime, you can follow all the rumors related to the Sun Valley update here.

You will be notified of any leaks that occur prior to the launch event, so watch this space.


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