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WhatsApp users will finally be able to move their entire chat history between mobile operating systems, which has been one of the biggest user requests to date. The company today introduced a feature that will soon be available to users of iOS and Android devices, allowing them to move their voice notes, photos and WhatsApp conversations securely between devices when they switch between systems. mobile operation.

The company had been rumor It had been working on such a feature for some time, but details of what devices would initially be supported or the release date were not yet known.

In product leaks, WhatsApp appeared to be working on an integration into Android’s built-in transfer app, the Google data transfer tool, which allows users to move their files from one Android device to another, or to switch from iOS to Android.

The WhatsApp feature introduced today, however, works with Samsung devices and Samsung’s own transfer tool, known as the Smart Switch. Today, Smart Switch helps users transfer contacts, photos, music, messages, notes, calendars and more to Samsung Galaxy devices. Now it will also transfer chat history from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp showcased the new tool at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event and announced that Samsung’s latest Galaxy foldable devices will get the first feature in the coming weeks. The functionality will then be deployed more widely on Android. WhatsApp did not say when iOS users would access it, but a WhatsApp spokesperson told TechCrunch that the team is working hard to bring the feature to users around the world.

To use this feature, WhatsApp users will connect their old and new device via USB-C to Lightning cable and launch Smart Switch. The new phone will then ask you to scan a QR code using your old phone and export your WhatsApp history. To complete the transfer, you will log into WhatsApp on the new device and import the messages.

Creating such a feature was not trivial, the company also explained, as messages from its service are end-to-end encrypted by default and stored on users’ devices. This meant that creating a tool to move chat history between operating systems required additional work on the part of WhatsApp as well as operating system and device manufacturers in order to build it in a way. secure, the company said.

“Your WhatsApp messages belong to you. This is why they are stored by default on your phone and are not accessible in the cloud like many other messaging services, ”noted Sandeep Paruchuri, product manager at WhatsApp, in a release regarding the launch. “We are excited for the first time to allow users to easily and securely transfer their WhatsApp history from one operating system to another. This is one of our most requested features by users for years and we have worked with operating systems and device manufacturers to solve it, ”he added.


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