We launched new software update pages!

By Not a Tesla app staff

Today we relaunched one of our favorite features; software update pages!

We’re just as excited as you are when you receive an update for our Tesla. Tesla makes a five-year-old car look like new again. He really never gets old.

We’ve made many improvements to our software update pages to make them even better.

Here are some of the changes you will find on the new pages.

• You will be able to see if a feature is available in your region

• We’ll show you the hardware required for each feature

• We will now display more precisely to which models a feature applies

• You can now continue to scroll to view previous updates

• We’re even reducing the number of ads (yay!)

• There’s a whole new design that’s cleaner and less cluttered

We launched Not a Tesla app two years ago to focus on Tesla software and its amazing features, but it has become even more than that and some of our features in the future will go even further.

Hard to believe this was our site two years ago

We’ve come a long way since the site’s inception and there are plenty of updates and features in the works that we’re excited to share soon.

If you have any Tesla fanatic friends, let them know about our site. If you share or quote our articles, we would love a link back. It helps us immensely.

Our goal is to keep Tesla fans informed, not only of updates, but also of new and upcoming features.

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Stay tuned for more new features in the coming weeks and months. Our next feature is in a few days.

Thank you for being a Tesla fan and supporting us along the way.

So go ahead, check out the new update pages and let us know what you think.

By Kevin Armstrong

Apple CarPlay running on a Tesla

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available in all Tesla models – sort of. Michał Gapiński released the second version of his workaround, the Tesla Android Project.

In February, the Polish developer first demonstrated a hack enabling CarPlay and Android Auto in Teslas. It was hard to say exactly how he did it, but now he’s created a new video showing off his latest build, along with a website listing what’s needed and how to do it.

However, if your mastery of technology ends in downloading apps or fiddling with cables, this isn’t for you. Gapiński included a shopping list of required items, including a Raspberry Pi, a series of small single-board computers, an LTE modem, a mini fan, something called a Geekworm TC358743XBG HDMI-CSI-2 for video, and the list continues. Then you enter the 15-step process to make it work.

According to its creator, this method is a simplified way to encourage more people to use the workaround. The website states, “The main focus of this release is simple: usability. For the project to scale and become popular in the Tesla community, it must provide a responsive Android experience. Otherwise, people won’t use it.

The payoff seems worth becoming tech-savvy. Gapiński uploaded a 6-minute video (below) showing the latest version of his work.

He says he’s stripped down some of the components, and the installation guide should have users up and running “in minutes.” The video shows Apple Music playing, routing maps to destinations and YouTube playing – even when the Model 3 is not parked.

This latest release comes just days after Elon Musk made several critical reviews of the current Tesla software, calling it browser trash and saying Tesla can do better with the user interface.

It also comes just weeks after Apple revealed a vastly improved CarPlay at the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference. The revamped CarPlay looks much more customizable, and is said to integrate seamlessly into vehicles instead. to have a CarPlay window that takes control of the screen.

Apple introduces new CarPlay coming next year

At Apple’s WWDC, the company said CarPlay is a must-have feature for car buyers. According to Apple, 79% of buyers in the United States would only consider a CarPlay-enabled vehicle. Well, good news for those buyers, it looks like Gapiński just made Teslas CarPlay compatible.

By Kevin Armstrong

Aptera thinks Tesla Connector should be the charging standard, not CCS

A petition has started asking the US government to make Tesla connectors the standard for all electric vehicles in the country.

Aptera, an electric car startup, is behind the Change.org petition.

Aptera founders Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro explained why they started the petition.

They write: Although electric vehicle technology has advanced rapidly, the charging standard in the United States has not. CCS and SAE J1772, the common standards in the United States, are clunky, cumbersome and expensive.

The solar-powered car company also linked to a report that cited a survey called the JD Power US Electric Public Charging Study. Tesla was the decisive winner in all categories.

Yet another indication that supports their claim to make Tesla sockets the norm.

Aptera is asking the US House of Representatives to review the calculations, pointing to reports that Tesla Supercharger stations cost 1/5 the price of other networks. Additionally, it says switching to Tesla’s charging standards would save $4 billion in planned spending on charging infrastructure through 2027.

The Biden administration approved a $1 trillion infrastructure bill in November 2021, with $5 billion dedicated to building a network with thousands of charging stations.

While Tesla is already the supercharger industry leader, the company continues to improve. V4 superchargers could be rolled out later this year, offering charging speeds of up to 350kW.

CCS, J1772 and Tesla connector profiles compared

Current V3 superchargers can handle 250 kW, but these units are expected to be upgraded to 35% faster charging this year.

It is also believed that the V4 superchargers will offer CCS support, allowing non-Tesla vehicles to access the grid.

Aptera used its Twitter account to launch the campaign to its 11,000 followers.

By the way, Aptera only follows one account “Elon Musk.

The company uses a short video with emojis to show what it thinks of other connectors. It is believed that the start-up will use Tesla connectors for solar-powered electric three-wheelers.

If you think the Tesla Connector should be the industry standard for charging, you can sign the petition.

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