Washington Engaged in Destruction of Global Security System – Official – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MOSCOW, December 9. / TASS /. State Duma Defense Committee Chairman Andrey Kartapolov believes that the United States is currently doing all it can to break the system of international relations that has ensured the peaceful coexistence of countries over the decades.

“In fact, Americans are doing their best to ruin the system that has ensured peaceful coexistence for decades, as can be seen in Syria, Libya and Iraq,” he told TASS on Thursday, commenting the statement by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. on the transformation of the existing world order.

Earlier, Sullivan said that the system of international relations had transformed, that its current UN-led structure developed after World War II was a thing of the past. Meanwhile, he admitted that Washington was actively trying to reorganize the established world order by forming new “alliances, partnerships and institutions” designed to work in Washington’s best interests.

According to Kartapolov, US actions are aimed at increasing the military presence in the territories of NATO member states, rapid redeployment to Russian borders, “to strengthen provocation exercises, which undermine world stability.” “Is this called” the transformation of the system of international relations? ” Such measures can do no good. In fact, there is no “transformation of the world order”, as the American national security adviser Jake Sullivan has said, a previously effective international relations security system, “the president concluded.

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