Volvo’s latest OTA software update now includes the latest XC90, S60 and V60 models

Volvo latest OTA software update

Volvo’s latest over-the-air (OTA) updates are rolled out to nearly 200,000 cars worldwide and include the latest versions of the XC90, S60 and V60.

We all know that cars are becoming more and more like computers on wheels, with connectivity being the major game and software key, not only to keep the operating system up to date, but also to add “value” with future subscription services.

Many automakers are forging their own path with the operating system, but Volvo decided that harnessing the power of Google Android was the way to go and rolled out Android-based systems for their lineup.

It started with the XC40, followed by the XC60 and the S90 and V90 and now – for 2023 models – the addition of the XC90, S60 and V60, meaning the entire Volvo range is Android-based.

As a result, the latest over-the-air (OTA) update for Volvos is now rolling out to almost 200,000 cars in 34 countries.

The update includes an upgrade to Android 11, new app categories on Google Play, better calibrated weather timers and improved power management.

Henrik Green, Volvo’s Chief Product Officer, said:

By making all Volvo models capable of receiving over-the-air updates, we are making significant progress towards our ambition to improve our customers’ cars every day.

This is an important milestone: we now update cars of all models in the majority of our markets, bringing the benefits of continuous remote updates to an ever-growing number of customers.

It’s good news for Volvo owners that the software in their cars continues to be updated and improved, although the sting in the tail will no doubt be subscription payments to access many features at the future, giving Volvo a whole new potentially hugely lucrative income stream. flow.

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