US government donates $ 10 million to DarkSide ransomware gang – computer



The FBI and the US State Department have promised a reward of $ 10 million for a tip to one of the leaders of the DarkSide ransomware gang. The crowd was notably responsible for the attack on the colonial pipeline.

US Government Has two Ten awards and five million dollars introduced around the Darkside gang. The first and biggest award revolves around the “key people” of the Dark Site group. The information allowing to identify or locate such a person can go up to 8.7 million euros.

The second reward revolves around information leading to the arrest or punishment of someone who participated or planned to participate in DarkSide. This tip will bring in 4.3 million euros. Tickets do not have to travel through the United States; Tips that lead to arrests and penalties outside the United States can also be rewarded.

In the news, the US government writes about the DarkSide Group variants. Like Bleeping Computer Notes Such ransomware groups often change their names if governments take their name. For example, the DarkSide group recently carried out attacks under the name BlackMatter. Blackmater said earlier this week he was “under pressure from the government” to stop his activities after the gang members disappeared. Blackmater members therefore also fall under the rewards introduced by the government.

Darkshide is best known for attacking the colonial pipeline. This pipeline runs along the east coast of the United States and supplies nearly half of the oil to the east coast of the United States. Attack in May This shut down the pipeline and, among other things, caused traffic jams at gas stations. Hackers have 75 bitcoins; Of these, the US Department of Justice previously knew the majority to be recovered. So 63.7 bitcoin are right, good for 1.89 million euros at the time.


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