TokensHype develops a cryptographic security system

The TokensHype team is pleased to announce the development of a cryptographic security system, named “SafeHype”. By trying to strengthen the crypto ecosystem, TokensHype will be able to understand fraudulent tokens in advance thanks to the artificial intelligence that it has started to prepare. This will ensure that investors can keep their funds safe. The SafeHype feature will be launched and available to users in the first quarter of 2023.

What is TokensHype?

TokensHype is a website that promotes pre-sale tokens to investors. Popular pre-sale tokens are released on TokensHype before being released anywhere. TokensHype aims to create new technologies and bring them to investors. These technologies allow investors to keep their funds safe. One of the biggest issues in the crypto industry is reliability. Before investing in any token or coin, an investor should do extensive research. TokensHype never gives investment advice to investors. But it can offer a lot of token data. The investor should research this data. For example: liquidity.

TokensHype not only provides information about presale tokens on his site. Investors can follow and participate in current crypto airdrops on TokensHype.

Roadmap TokensHype

TokensHype wants to be the premier token promotion site. For this, he continues to produce content and create a community. It prepares sentiment data for each newly released token. It offers a lot of data such as liquidity, audit, technical analysis and project information to investors completely free on each token’s page. It will continue to develop new features.

Another developed feature is Algo Trade. With Algo Trade, algorithmic signals in cryptocurrencies are displayed directly to investors. To view Algo Trade content, the user must purchase a Premium Membership.

TokensHype wants to become a trust center in the crypto industry. He wants to introduce the new cryptocurrencies on a large scale on his first site. This is how it prepares its entire infrastructure for it.

TokensHype (TKNH) Token

In the first half of 2023, TokensHype will pre-sell the TokensHype token (TKNH). TokensHype will purchase TKNH tokens daily with a portion of on-site ad revenue and premium revenue. TokensHype wants to run its own token, TKNH, like a stock. From time to time, he wants to distribute dividends to investors. The TokensHype token will be released in the first half of 2023. Presale information will be announced to investors via social media.

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