The Hardware of 2022 – From Intel GPUs to iPhone 14

Finally, we make a small detour through the software. Virtually all major operating systems for smartphones and PCs have received major updates in recent months. Therefore, it is too early for many operating systems to look to the future; it is simply very little known. One exception is Windows, whose next big update we already know a lot more about thanks to the public Insider program.

Windows 11 22H2

Starting with Windows 11, Microsoft moved from semi-annual to annual updates. We may get the next “feature update” as the software maker said, so wait about a year after Windows 11 is released. That would be October 2022.

The development work on this update has already started a long time ago. Microsoft’s development cadence is split into two semesters, so the Windows 11 22H2 update is expected to be completed already in the summer of this year. However, the launch could well take a few more months, as Microsoft is used to taking a long time for testing. For example, the first preview of Windows 11, which was available to Insiders on June 28, 2021, was already version 22000, which rolled out to everyone in November. Meanwhile, only subversion continued to increase.

The following innovations are already being tested in the Insider program, so we’ll probably see them in the 22H2 update:

  • customizable start menu layout;
  • Minor tweaks to the taskbar, such as showing the clock on multiple monitors, scrolling the volume icon to instantly adjust the volume, and option for sharing window in Teams in floating preview;
  • snapshot groups, which are already visible in the floating preview of the taskbar, are also displayed in the task view (alt + tab));
  • the widget panel button is moved to the left of the taskbar, where the current weather is immediately visible, as was also the case in Windows 10;
  • Microsoft continues to transfer specific options from the old Control Panel to the Settings app, including uninstalling updates and advanced options for network sharing;
  • a new shortcut ctrl + shift + c to copy the path of a selected file;
  • don’t forget to activate bluetooth or wifi in airplane mode;
  • the new media player;
  • some new features for Notepad, including a dark mode;
  • Voice Access, which allows you to control the operating system with your voice;
  • a new emoji design based on a fluid layout;
  • the turning point loading animation is replaced by a circle.
The relationship between pinned apps and recommendations in the Start menu will be adjustable.

Mammoth macOS?

The development process for the next version of macOS is happening behind closed doors at the moment, but there are already rumors that macOS 13 will be called Mammoth. Apple trademarked this trademark along with Monterey, the name of the latest macOS update. In addition, the name seems to indicate a major update, which fits into the release schedule of recent years, in which major updates, such as the Big Sur redesign, alternate with minor releases. What kind of major innovations we should be thinking about remains a mystery for now.

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