The Dole FinTech app is meant to impact your daily life

Since the emergence of fintech in Nigeria, the industry has been a force to be reckoned with, as it has challenged the status quo of traditional financial services through technological innovation, and traditional banks have since embraced this innovation by adopting the mobile banking system, while fintech startups engage in virtual card payments and digital currencies.

With Nigeria’s fintech industry estimated to be around $ 560 million in 2023, Nigerian fintech start-up Dole is set to take the industry by storm by reducing the hassle of processing transactions for the average Nigerian.

Dole is a financial one stop shop for payments and other financial transactions. The platform, like other digital banking platforms, offers the ability to pay bills, wallets, savings, and other great features. Dole’s arrival in Nigeria will change the narrative of the typical way of financial transactions, improving the peer-to-peer system.

With Dole, the process of receiving and sending money has been simplified to the bare minimum and all you need is the recipient’s phone number. Thus denying the need for the regular account number. Without excuses from the unreliable network of the recipient’s regular bank, Dole guarantees that with your phone number acting as a personal account number, you can send and receive money from any part of the world.

What is more exciting is the use of virtual dollar cards. Users of the Dole app can have access to their own virtual dollar cards, as they are a direct replacement for the regular debit card. Even more amazingly, the cards reduce the difficulty of using a debit card to shop online with more freedom and convenience.

In addition, the Dole virtual dollar card is backed by the US dollar, now users have stress-free access to purchases from anywhere in the world. The daily limit for spending your money is much more favorable and much better than regular debit cards. App users can rest assured that their Dole dollar virtual cards are secure as they cannot be stolen or cloned.

Interestingly, Dole App offers opportunities for payday loans and low interest rates. The brand understands that emergencies can arise at any time and app users may be in a rush to find money and may be in need of payday loans. Unlike the traditional banking system, one does not need collateral and guarantors to receive their loans because it is easy, fast and cheap.

While individuals struggle to find payday loans, Dole saves users the trouble of looking for other platforms as the brand provides users with the ability to make bill payments, send and receive from. money easily, make purchases using Dole virtual cards and take low interest loans all in one app, making it the complete financial app.

The Dole app can be downloaded from google play and App Store for IOS users.

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