Tesla Stock Dropping As It Delays FSD Software Update



You’re here (TSLA) is planning to roll out another update to what it calls its full autonomous driving software a week from Friday – a week later than expected – and that could take many drivers weeks, if not months, to do so. Tesla to try it out. Tesla stock has fallen, but is still in the buy range.


CEO Elon Musk tweeted Monday evening, that access to version 10.2 will be available to approximately 1,000 owners per day, “prioritized by the security assessment”.

The way Tesla tracks safe driving has been the subject of controversy on social media in recent days. Some drivers have commented that reckless driving actually increased their score. But braking suddenly to avoid going to the yellow light lowered their score.

Others criticized the company for setting up the scoring system, given that they had already paid $ 10,000 to have the FSD installed when purchasing the car or were paying a subscription of $ 199 per month.

In addition, Vice reported that Beta FSD testers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to be part of the early access program.

The report confirmed to several beta testers that EAP members are prohibited “from speaking to the media or testing with the media.”

He also says they should be wary because they say a lot of people want Tesla to fail.

“Don’t let them misrepresent your comments and your media posts,” the document reportedly said.

Tesla shares

Shares fell 1.7% to 777.56 on the scholarship today. Tesla stock is in buy range to 802.78 of a point of purchase from 764.55 a cup base with handle.

His relative line of force is on the rise, according to Smith Market. by Tesla RS dimension is 87 out of 99 possible, while its BPA Rating is 72. Tesla is a Ranking Stock.

Among the US-based automakers with a growing list of electric vehicles, General Motors (DG) fell 0.6% and Ford (F) was up 1.2%. Recent IPO Lucid engines (LCID) fell 5.2%.

rivals based in China Nio (NIO) lost 4.6%, Xpeng (XPEV) decreased by 4% and Li Auto (LI) was down 2.9%.

In massive selloffs, growth stocks face worst week since coronavirus crash

Tesla probe

Tesla has recently been criticized for its safety record related to its autopilot function, as well as for its use of the term “fully autonomous driving”.

The National Road Transport Administration is probe 12 accidents since 2018 when Teslas crashed into one or more cars when first responders were at the scene.

Meanwhile, the new director of the National Transportation Safety Board, Jennifer Homendy, called Tesla’s use of the term FSD “misleading and irresponsible.” She asked the company to stop software deployment until it is known to be safer.

Tesla’s autonomous driving software is considered level 2. Systems that do not require driver assistance start at level 4.

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