Tesla reportedly fixes potentially deadly heat pump issue with software update

A few Tesla owners in extremely cold climates have experienced an issue that caused their Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles’ heaters to completely fail.

The problem is believed to be because the air inlet to the heat pump is frozen causing the sensors to report a malfunction and the entire system to shut down.

In theory, the system should always work when the shutter is frozen open, which means the problem can be improved if the sensors can be ignored.

According to Tesla insiders, the company is hard at work on a solution to the potentially deadly problem, which prevents Tesla owners from heating up their vehicles when they need it most.

Now, according to the Tesla software update 2021.44.30.7 changelog, the company has released a workaround for the issue.

According to NotATeslaApp:

This version includes changes to the operation of the air conditioning system in vehicles equipped with a heat pump. If you have experienced a lack of heat in your vehicle, this update may resolve the issue by allowing the heat pump to operate at lower temperatures.

Driving long distances in extreme weather conditions always involves some risk. Drive Tesla Canada recommends:

“Current mitigation measures include pre-conditioning the vehicle 30-60 minutes before departure, using air recirculation mode and using automatic mode. Symptoms may still appear when driving in climates of -15°C and below. If the heat does not return, please park the vehicle in a warmer location and allow the vehicle to warm up. »

via EVInsider

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