Steve Jobs signs Apple II manual at auction for $ 787,483


I agree with you somewhere, the weak vote makes no sense on the one hand, and on the other hand it has nothing to do with either, because the article does not deal with the so-called superiority of apples, but simply because the book was signed by a former CEO who made a lot of money. This happens naturally in different industries and is independent of what the brand stands for. You also have Star Wars fans who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to get special relics, I think that’s their right.

Just look at the art and the kitsch. What was the value of some pottery when you also made dozens of them?

People also spend over $ 1,000 (or more) on a video card. Personally, I think it’s crazy. If you really look at the raw materials, the development and construction costs, this is also a rare case.

In short, I don’t think the negative vote is for Apple fans only, but because your post actually has nothing to do with the post.

Ontopic: It’s special that such a sum has been raised, but to enthusiasts it doesn’t seem so crazy to me. We hope the profits will be put to good use.

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