Software update for Sony FX3 camera

Sony has released an update for the FX3 camera adding Log shooting modes, user LUT (Lookup Table) import, timecode synchronization with a dedicated adapter cable, and feature enhancements.

The FX3 camera equipped for professional level video recording. (Source: Sony.)

The new software (version 2.00) introduces advanced professional cinema line features that are compatible with the cinema line camera workflow. FX3’s new Log shooting modes with LUT monitoring create a smoother post-production workflow by enabling Cine El, Cine El Quick, and Flexible ISO modes for recording with the S-Log3 gamma curve. Flexible ISO is a quick and easy mode that allows users to change ISO to make exposure adjustments. Cine EI and Cine EI Quick are modes that use the base camera ISO of 800/12800. Cine EI and Cine EI Quick modes produce footage that can be adjusted in post-production to balance highlights and shadows while taking advantage of S-Log3’s wide latitude. All three modes allow video shooting while monitoring with an appropriate LUT to preview the final image.
Preset LUTs are also provided, such as Sony’s s709, and retain popular picture profiles such as S-Cinetone and the ability for users to import their own LUTs. Workflow enhancements allow editing using built-in LUT and EI (exposure) metadata. Additionally, two types of shot markers have been added, allowing users to mark specific shots or scenes. ​This metadata is available using the latest version of Sony’s Catalyst Prepare[iii] or Catalyst Browse applications. A new “Catalyst Prepare Plugin” for Adobe Premiere Pro is due out in August.

The software update is available now via this link. Filmmakers can easily download the update directly to their camera using a PC or Mac.

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