Rufus beta may install Windows 11 on incompatible systems – Computer



Why do you want to put an operating system on an unsupported system? These are pending update issues.

Of course, it is good to try etc. But not the status.

It depends on what you mean by “platform”.
If it’s an Aunt Trus computer, that’s easy – don’t, bad…
Is my home computer where you can immediately find a solution if things could go wrong, that’s okay.
Run a few PCs here which don’t pass the test, but thanks to friend ‘vinnie27’ i just got windows 11 with original key (belongs to machine, no crack)
These computers are working fine, no secure boot, no TPM and i5 4300M detected.

What MS says “could damage your computer” is to apologize for claims, if a virus or the like were infected.
If this PC did not support it with Win11, this was of course not the case with the old Win10, just as much, if not more, risking the future.

Professional personal computers …
If they’re still doing basic tasks on unsupported processors, you must be wondering if it’s time to budget, because that’s not really essential for businesses.
(or in fact like the previous point, don’t update to 11)


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