Rivian R1 owners report latest OTA software update for their vehicles


Some Rivian owners reported that they were receiving their latest software over the air (OTA) earlier this week. While Update 2021.49.2 provides some basic bug fixes and improvements, this is yet another big milestone for Rivian.

So far, none of the R1 owners on the company forums have reported having had a problem installing the OTA update. A Rivien Forums member, I want it, shared a few snapshots of the latest OTA update, revealing some of their release notes and more. According to Rivian’s guide to software updates, the updates are intended to improve the performance of an R1 vehicle.

Rivian vehicles should be parked with more than 35 miles of range and shouldn’t be plugged into a DC fast charger to install OTA updates, something a few owners pointed out. Some features, such as locking and access to the cab, front trunk, gear tunnel and tailgate, may be interrupted during installation.

Rivian’s update version 2021.49.2 introduces improvements to the navigation app, Bluetooth connectivity, and audio improvements. The company has also improved the automatic lock / unlock, air conditioning / defrost functions of R1 vehicles.

A few of the Rivian R1 owners reported that their user interface felt “more lively” after installing the 2021.49.2 update, which may be due to the company making various improvements to the user interface, including smoother transitions when switching between applications as well as improvements in infotainment system performance.

Rivian has also improved UI support for the rear view camera. However, the company also noted that the rear screen will be temporarily locked, but is expected to be available again in a future update.

Rivian has also improved Driver + safety and awareness notifications and the performance of Highway Assist. It would be interesting to see if any R1 riders see any significant differences in Drive + and Highway Assist in the coming weeks.

Rivian’s latest OTA update seemed to go smoothly and without incident, which is a good sign for the future. Rivian seems to take a step-by-step approach in everything he does, which helps him successfully execute each step.

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Rivian R1 owners report latest OTA software update for their vehicles


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