Realme GT NEO 3 receives June 2, 2022 software update

Bilibili, also known as B Site, is now getting a new update that brings support for Huawei HarmonyOS fonts. Along with this, this update also comes with a handful of improvements and optimizations for the official desktop client version of the app.

For those who don’t know, Bilibili is one of the largest video sharing platforms in China, based in Shanghai. This platform is mainly themed around animations and consists of many comics, games and anime series. Users who love anime characters can watch or read, submit their creations, and even add overlay comments on the videos.

To give a more tailored look to the interface, the official desktop version of Bilibili now supports Huawei HarmonyOS fonts. These fonts will automatically become the client’s or user’s default fonts. However, they have the choice to change these fonts and use those of the system, via the settings.

HarmonyOS Sans Fonts

With the release of the self-developed operating system – HarmonyOS 2, the company also provided access to the new HarmonyOS Sans fonts. The customizable element has appeared with several interesting tweaks for users. For example, improved font grayscale, unified multilingual glyphs, new styles, and more.

On the other hand, Huawei has also made these fonts freely available for commercial use. Thus, any user, commercial enterprise or website could bring dynamic font support to their product.

Getting back on topic, the new version released as 1.4.0 has even more tugs to explore. Apart from custom fonts, the latest version also offers several enhancements to the application program. Therefore, the update makes the visual experience more interactive for users.

Also, it adds new window switching keys, which allow you to easily switch to a new section without any lag or buffering. Thereafter, we also find the switching of the normal reading mode and a more practical and resizable window. Together, these elements enhance the overall user experience of the app.

Huawei HarmonyOS Fonts


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