Raspberry Pi: The new bootloader makes it possible to download operating systems directly from the Internet

Pi Imagerthe Pi Foundation bootloader for installing operating systems on boards Raspberry piegains a new feature that allows you to install an operating system on certain Pi systems without necessarily having to use a second support PC for card installation operations.

The new bootloader will allow you to connect a bare metal Pi board directly to the internet to download and install the official Raspberry Pi operating system onto an empty SD card. Until now, setting up a Raspberry Pi board required the help of a second computer to install the preferred operating system onto an SD card to allow the Pi system to boot.

Raspberry Pi board firmware updates are normally installed with OS updates, but as the Pi Imager is still being tested, it will still be necessary to temporarily use a second computer to copy a bootloader update program on an SD card. .

The new bootloader will only work on Pi 4 and Pi 400 boardsand it also needs an ethernet cable and keyboard connected. The user will be able to choose from a number of operating systems featured in the official Pi Imager, which includes distros such as Ubuntu, LibreELEC, RetroPie and TLXOS. Anyone wishing to use other operating systems not listed will still need to use the traditional SD card installation method via a separate PC.

As we said, the new version of the bootloader currently in beta and all the information necessary for its correct use can be found on the official support page of the Pi Foundation.

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