QC-Check workstations outlast Windows operating systems

Data Strategy has released a replacement computing package to deal with an unusual circumstance that most products will never see.

The first users of the company’s QC-Check electrical safety and quality assurance workstation received computers running Microsoft Windows 7. This operating system, released in 2009, has entered an end-of-life program in January 2020 and, for security reasons, the best practice is to update to the current version of Windows. The QC-Check Replacement Computer Pack is a quick and easy solution that ships ready to use.

Customers including Nottinghamshire-based events contractor Trans-Sport, London’s Royal Opera House and Birmingham’s NEC Arena have already benefited from the replacement IT pack for secure and simplified business continuity.

Trans-Sport Managing Director Shaun Cope said, “On the surface, we haven’t had any issues with QC-Check. It always worked perfectly and continued to do so. However, our IT company recommended that we replace the computer with one configured with Windows 10. After a brief discussion with Data Strategy, the replacement computer was shipped and ready to go. It was effortless and the transition was smooth and easy.

Data Strategy Managing Director, Iain Roche, explained: “Although the functionality of the QC-Check workstation is not affected, from a security and reliability perspective, it is expedient to install a new computer.”

The replacement computer set includes the computer supplied in a 19″ rack mount steel shelf, as well as custom configuration and commissioning. The new computer can simply be replaced with the old hardware , connected and switched on All necessary cables are included.

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