PS5 System Software Update Now Live – Adds 1440p Support, Game Lists & More

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the latest software update for PlayStation 5 which adds 1440p HDMI video output, game listings, new social features and more.

Get the details below, via PlayStation Blog.

The update includes several highly requested features such as 1440p* HDMI video output and game listings, as well as social features such as the ability to request a screen share from another party member, easily view profiles of new friends and receive a notification to help you. join a friend’s game faster from a group chat.

Plus, you can now compare 3D audio and stereo audio on the same screen and more easily access ongoing activities from game hubs. Check out our beta blog post to get the full scoop on these features, and read on for details on some new and upcoming updates for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation App.

YouTube search via voice command (Insight)

Another feature we’re excited to bring to more PlayStation5 players is the ability to search for content on YouTube via voice command (preview). From anywhere on PlayStation5, including in-game, you can say “Hey PlayStation, find on Youtube.” The YouTube application will open and the relevant search results will be displayed.

Note: Voice Command (Preview) is currently available in English for PlayStation5 players with US and UK registered accounts

New PlayStation app features

In addition to these PlayStation 5 console updates, we’re gradually rolling out new features for the PlayStation app globally later this month, on iOS and Android:

  • Start a PlayStation Remote Play session via the PlayStation app – PlayStation App users will be able to launch a PlayStation Remote Play session directly from PlayStation App on iOS and Android devices. To get started, make sure the PlayStation app is linked to your PlayStation5 console and your console is in rest mode. Next, select the “Play with PlayStation Remote Play” icon on a PlayStation App game hub, and the PlayStation Remote Play app will automatically launch the game. To enjoy this feature, make sure PlayStation App and PlayStation App Remote Play are both installed on your mobile device or tablet.
  • Request a share screen – Similar to the PlayStation 5 feature, PlayStation app users will be able to ask another party member playing on PlayStation 5 to start a screen sharing session and then watch their friend’s game from within the app. This makes it even easier for you to stay in touch with your friends when you’re on the go.

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