PS5 System Software Update 22.01-05.10 Patch Notes Today (May 12)

Sony officially rolled out a brand new system software update for the PS5 on Thursday, May 12, which once again simply improves the system performance of the console.

It’s not just the PlayStation 5 that got a brand new update this week either. Fans have been rather puzzled after the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita received new updates a few days ago, with some rather questionable changes in the patch.

The update, which brought the PS3 to version 4.89, gave the console’s account management section a shot. Since the last system software update, players could no longer create new accounts directly from their PS3 or PS Vita. Instead, they would be forced to use a computer or mobile device.

Luckily, the latest PS5 update on May 12 doesn’t bring any major changes and is instead another standard fix.

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Sony is rolling out a new PS5 system software update

The latest PS5 update rolled out around 10:00 BST and is just over 1GB in size, so depending on your internet speed, updating your console shouldn’t take you long.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to say, as the update simply improves system performance. Although I don’t think any of us have ever seen any drastic improvements after these fixes.

For more details, check out the official patch notes later in this article.

PS5 System Software Update 22.01-05.10 Patch Notes (May 12)

Although sony did not share any official details regarding the May 12th PS5 system software update, we have patch notes via the console itself. Below are the current patch notes for the new PS5 update, if Sony releases any further details we will update this article.

For the best PlayStation experience, make sure your PS5 system software is always updated to the latest version. To learn more, see the online user guide from (Settings) on your PS5.

Main features of this system software update

  • This system software update improves system performance

For more details on this update, please visit

Version: 22.01-

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