PS4 System Software Update 9.60 Patch Notes Today (May 12)

Not only did the PS5 receive a brand new firmware update earlier today (May 12), but PS4 users also have a brand new patch to download before they can continue using the console online.

It’s been a busy week for PlayStation users, as the PS3 and PS Vita also received new system updates just a few days ago. Unfortunately, the updates weren’t well received by fans. Since the PS3 upgraded to version 4.89, players are now required to create new accounts through a mobile device or computer, instead of directly on the console. The same goes for PS Vita users.

There’s also not much to get excited about with the latest PS4 system update, as it just seems to improve system performance.

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What’s new in today’s PlayStation 4 update?

As mentioned earlier, there are no new features included in today’s update. Players will be prompted to download the latest update the next time they turn on their console and will not be able to use network features until they do.

The update comes in at the usual size of around 900MB and just improves system performance. But for more details, check out the official console patch notes later in this article.

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PS4 System Software 9.60 Patch Notes (May 12)

Similar to today’s PS5 update release, we’re still waiting sony to comment on the release of the new PS4 firmware update on May 12. However, thanks to the official console details section, we have the patch notes for the new update.

Below are the official patch notes for the May 12 PS4 system software update, which brings the consoles firmware to version 9.60 with the following changes:

Key Features Included in System Software Update 9.60:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

If Sony announces any other changes in today’s update, we’ll be sure to update this article with all the details.

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