PS4 System Software Update 9.51 Patch Notes Today (PS5 22.01-05.02)

Today PS4 System Software Update 9.51 is live and was released alongside a similar patch for the PlayStation 5.

Firmware version 9.51 for PS4 is rolling out on April 13 and follows some big fixes that went live in the previous weeks.

New trophy options and a Game Base overhaul have been released, but this week’s changes look a lot less exciting.

And that goes for the new PS5 firmware update 22.01-05.02 which arrived on the same day, Wednesday April 13th. Here’s what we know so far about the current PlayStation patch releases for the PS4 and PS5 consoles and systems.

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PS4 System Software Update 9.51

Today’s PS4 system software update 9.51 is now available for download and will be rolling out across regions over the next few hours. Sony provided a list of patch notes for today’s release, but as in the past, they kept things a little mysterious. While some updates warrant big notes listing everything that’s changed, today’s is much more understated. The main features included in System Software Update 9.51 include the following details:

  • This system software update improves system performance.

That’s all that’s been posted regarding today’s PS4 update, and while more news may be shared in the future, it seems unlikely we’ll hear more unless there are issues. important are reported by console users.

PS5 Update 22.01-05

It’s the same kind of deal for PS5 console users today, with System Software Update Notes 22.01-05 listing these official details:

  • Main features of this system software update
  • This system software update improves system performance.

If the system software update on your PS5 console is stuck, restart the update. If that fails, download the correct update file to a USB flash drive and follow the instructions below:

  1. Using a PC or Mac, create a folder named “PS5” on a FAT32-formatted USB drive. In this folder, create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  2. Download the update file (button below) and save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Plug the USB key containing the file into your PS5 console.
  4. Start the PS5 console in safe mode: press and hold the power button, then release it after the second beep.
  5. Select safe mode option 3: Update system software.
  6. To select Update from USB storage device > OKAY.

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