Presidency responds to Ortom, says his lies insult nation’s security system

However, he asked Ortom to name the soldiers who told him this story or keep silent forever.

The statement said in part: “In a recent interview, Benue Governor Samuel Ortom claimed that senior members of security had personally informed him that President Buhari had ordered security forces not to act against Fulani herders responsible. recent violence.

“These ridiculous claims are patently false. If he’s as brave as he claims to be, let him name names.

“Let him name the military personnel who told him this story or shut up forever.

“It is disappointing that Ortom, who in the same interview describes himself as a child of God who believes in legality and respects the Nigerian constitution, felt the need to spread such a divisive lie.

According to Shehu, in a time of heightened insecurity, politicians should strive to bring the nation together, without risking further violence by “dishonestly seeking” to further divide Nigerians along ethnic or religious lines.”

He said: Fortunately, the cheap dog-whistle politics behind Ortom’s lie is obvious to all.

“He is not the first opportunistic politician who has tried to sow discord among the people of his country in the run up to an election; unfortunately, it will not be the last.

“The Nigerian people will see him for what he is: an opportunist flaunting his wares as the country prepares to elect its next president.

“A man who likes to pose in military attire and who expects the country to believe senior Nigerian security officials would share high-level confidential information with him.

“To be clear: they don’t.”

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