operating systems: here are 10 applications to help you switch operating systems

Switching from Windows to Mac or vice versa is not easy for most of us. ET gives you a list of apps available on Windows as well as Mac for any user.


Although it costs Rs 3,300 per year, Office 365 is the best document editor available. Microsoft updates it regularly with security patches and useful add-ons and most users are comfortable with its user interface, commonly used in school and office. You get Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote as well as Outlook. The price includes 1 TB of cloud storage space on OneDrive.


VLC came to Mac OS X platform later, but it has become our favorite media player just like on Windows. The interface is the same, as is the ability to play most audio and video formats. You can create playlists, use third-party subtitles, and adjust their appearance on video.


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Both Mac and Windows operating systems tend to store useless files in the form of temporary folders and files, cookies, and files left over from application removal. It is not possible to find individual files and this is where CCleaner comes in handy. The Junk Cleaner app offers a plethora of options to clean up your computer as well as tools to keep it running smoothly.


Fortunately, there are no issues with third-party browsers on either system. You can get Chrome, Firefox as well as Opera for Windows as well as Mac. If you signed in to browsers with an account, all of your browsing history and bookmarks are also synced immediately with the new system. You won’t have any problem with an additional extension or plugin because they work regardless of the desktop operating system.


Although the Mac is still thought to be safe from viruses and malware, this is no longer the case. Since there were more Windows users, it was a much more lucrative target than Mac. It is recommended that you immediately get a good antivirus software system for your desktop to protect yourself from viruses and malware. If you don’t want to spend money, you can look at the solution from AVG or Avast. However, we recommend opting for the Norton security suite for all-around protection.


Mac OS X had a built-in anti-theft system called Find my Mac while Windows users recently got a similar system with Windows 10. However, there is a third-party anti-theft application also available called Prey that works on all operating systems from desk and is easy to install. It runs in the background and can be activated if your computer is lost or stolen. To use the tracking option you will need to buy a Pro account – you can buy it even after you lose your computer.


As a free photo editor, GIMP gives you many pro-level features that are usually available on apps like Adobe Photoshop. It supports multiple image formats and even supports editing with layers.


Today, everyone has multiple accounts that require a password and that’s where password managers come in handy. LastPass is the password manager we recommend for its ease of use and the fact that it can automatically change your passwords automatically if necessary.


We also recommended Evernote earlier as the best app to take and manage your notes. It has clients for Windows as well as Mac and it also keeps things in sync between multiple devices perfectly.


Using computers in low light conditions strains the eyes. Flux is a free app that automatically adjusts the temperature of your laptop or desktop screen to reduce eye strain. You only need to set it up once by specifying your location in the settings. Flux automatically adjusts the screen temperature based on the time of day for you.

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