Nintendo Switch Releases System Software Update 14.0.0 Adding Groups Feature

A new Groups feature has been added to Nintendo Switch through a software update available today.

The feature is part of the latest 14.0.0 update, according to Nintendo’s support website. The highly requested feature allows gamers to create folders or groups of games in the All Software menu. This is handy for those who have a large number of games stored on the console, making them easier to find and put things away.

A handy guide on Nintendo’s website shows how easy it is to set up. Just go to the home menu until you can select All Software. Then press the left shoulder button to view your games by group. If you haven’t created one yet, then you’ll be prompted to create one, which you can name whatever you want. Players can form up to 100 groups with a maximum of 200 titles per group. Also, the same software can be added to multiple groups, so if you want to create by genre and Mario is there, knock yourself out.

Groups are not the new solo addition in this new update. The second addition of 14.0.0 now allows you to adjust the volume on Bluetooth audio devices, either on the Switch or on the device itself. The maximum output volume of some Bluetooth headsets has also been increased. If you found things a little quiet when using wireless headphones, it might be worth trying again.

System Update 14.0.0 for Nintendo Switch Add-on Groups should be available the next time you turn on your console.

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