Mozilla criticizes Google, Apple and Microsoft for using their operating systems to kill competition

@Stone heart

Iron Heart commented >> On the desktop? Yes, irrelevant.

Indifferent to who exactly? Think the Linux community is irrelevant? A very ignorant comment from you. Rather irrelevant to people like you, who say proprietary software is safer than FOSS? What do you use for desktop, Windows or Mac? You certainly don’t look like someone who uses Linux on a desktop or someone who really likes FOSS.

Do you like using closed-source operating systems?

Iron Heart commented > Plus they’re faster without the multi-layered approval process for patches that a company like Microsoft or Apple would typically apply? I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

are you stupid? You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand. Find out first.

The reason Linux has better security is because there are more eyes on FOSS than on proprietary software. The FOSS can be confirmed as secure by an outside community (FOSS community), it can also be confirmed as insecure because of such a community. With Proprietaty software, you would only have to trust the company that makes the software to tell you that their product is secure. CLOSED means CLOSED, closed software does not allow any peer-reviewed process as important as what the FOSS community can do. Proprietary software also creates a lazy programming environment.

Even though Linux distributions were as popular as Windows on the desktop, I still believe that a FOSS product is much more secure and trustworthy than a proprietary product.

Iron Heart commented >>. Comparing a minor rebuild like LibreWolf with Brave, which has to find all the fingerprint defenses on its own?

What defenses against fingerprints? Brave is absolute trash as a privacy browser. They don’t have feature like “privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing like in Firefox/Librewolf/Tor which has such feature. Brave couldn’t compare.

Iron Heart commented >>. There’s no reason Chromium’s window dimensions can’t be hard-coded to a certain value, you’re ridiculous.

So why doesn’t your beloved Brave browser have such a feature if they’re all about anti-fingerprint and privacy as you think?

It seems they are more interested in CRYPTO than creating a privacy feature that can spoof screen resolution like Firefox can.

Iron Heart commented >> Firefox also didn’t support mailbox initially

Well, is it now? Again, where is such a feature in Brave?

Oh wait, they don’t have such a feature and probably never will.

Iron Heart commented >> I can do without fighting bot detection just to protect a low value fingerprint vector (screen resolutions aren’t THAT varied) so far.

The screen resolutions are not so varied? Brave users have no such feature as seen in Firefox which can effectively spoof screen resolutions.

Brave is below par. LACKS as a privacy browser.

Iron Heart commented >> Firefox does not defend against fingerprints by default. In a modified state, you have only created a highly unique fingerprint,

Double digit IQ moment for you? Since the Brave browser does not have an anti-fingerprint resistance feature to spoof the screen resolution, it can be argued that the hardened mob of Firefox or Librewolf that allows the mailbox to spoof the screen resolution, looks a lot more alike than Brave browser users, who don’t have such a feature in the browser to spoof screen resolution.

As I told you before, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Also, if you think the IP address isn’t the most identifiable fingerprint in a browser, you’re kidding yourself.

Please shut up about anti-fingerprint, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Iron Heart commented >> you have to understand that someone somewhere will buy the Pixel phone anyway.

Yes like you. Do you love using Google smartphone hardware as much as you love Google-created code like lackluster Chromium-based browsers?

Iron Heart commented >> Chromium is the basis of several browsers, not just Chrome

Chromium-codebase is primarily authored by the ad tech company Google?

Still waiting for privacy.resist.Fingerprinting.letterboxing in Brave?


Iron Heart commented >> You talk a lot about how I’m supposedly making fun of myself,

You make a laughingstock of yourself. I told you before, do your research before you type. It would be a better look for you.

Iron Heart commented >> anyone using a custom ROM (specifically to get away from the default Android privacy issues) is also promoting Google, which is pretty laughable to be honest.

I don’t care if people use smartphones or not. However, I have no illusions about how smartphones can invade privacy, having a portable device with mic, camera, bluetooth, wifi, imei is not exactly what I would call a privacy device. It’s more like a tracking device. Also, using GrapheneOS, people are buying Google Pixel phones, which is basically a product made by Google.

Iron Heart commented >> Real Base Code Analysis

Another double-digit IQ moment for you? Proprietary software cannot be verified to be safe by the FOSS community as FOSS can. With the owner you have to blindly trust, with FOSS people can assess whether the code is safe or not.

Iron Heart commented >> Windows and Chromium have something in common, you know.


Iron Heart commented >> Relying on security irrelevance is generally scoffed at by developers

Firefox and Linux are irrelevant?

are you stupid? Who are you trying to fool by forming such an outrageous narrative?

Iron Heart commented >> The gap between Chromium and Firefox is huge,

Granted, Chromium-based browsers are massively inferior.

Iron Heart commented >> CVE count is not how you determine security, that would be an amateur hour.

No comment for this level of Iron Heart stupidity.

Iron Heart commented >> I think Edge can still be uninstalled without anything major.

Apologize for Microsoft now, right?

Iron Heart commented >> It would be a problem if I took Yash and his opinion seriously

I don’t take your opinions seriously at all. You are one of/if not THE most ignorant commenter on Ghacks and that is saying something lol.

Iron Heart commented >> No, if it was heavily integrated you couldn’t disable it and expect the OS to still work

I would trust @Yash’s opinion and perspective on this, not yours.

Since Chrome restricts ad blockers with MV3 anyway, this is a form of built-in CONTROL for Google over what extensions people are allowed to add to Chrome.

As @Yash says, it looks like Google has a walled garden for Android.

IronHeart commented >> You should be the last to complain about this, you’re using text walls

Some other people don’t like to chat with people like you. However, I have no problem ridiculing you on these discussion topics.

Keep commenting, I’ll comment back. Do you think using walls of text will scare me off? Think again !

Iron Heart commented >> May I ask though, why don’t you apply this filter in your uHide Origin installation?

I bet you just wish I would ignore you lol.

Why should I ignore you? reading your absolute stupid comments gives me a new level of understanding of the ignorance of people like you. For me, it is very instructive and challenging to assess such stupidity. Lol.

Iron Heart commented >> Yeah, a lot of bullshit to deal with instead. I hope I’m done here.

Coming out of your soapbox so soon? Done here already are you really?

Better shut up now and get out of the rostrum because you have proven time and time again that you are not a reasonable, polite and respectful commentator here.

You are called a troll for a reason.

And stop using that “XD” emoji or other such crap, it only makes you look even more clueless than you already are.


>> Firefox is better than Brave.

To correct!

Brave can’t even spoof screen resolution like Firefox Enhanced can.

Brave is just inferior from a privacy perspective.


>> but the end result will be that they bow to Google

Google is the KING, the AUTHOR of the chrome-based browser code.

This bullshit about chromium-based browsers like Brave or Vivaldi being better than Firefox or a Firefox alternative is just one of the dumbest things I’ve heard.

Watch the latest article from google chrome here

Chrome 106 Stable fixes 20 security issues

Lol, am I supposed to believe that chromium based browsers are more secure than firefox? I could never believe such BS!

Iron Heart will likely be in that comments section again, apologizing for Google Chromes shoddy security. Lol. It should be interesting.

Google pixel smartphone fan lol.

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