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Microsoft has announced a complete overhaul of Skype. The company presents the chat service with new themes, a renewed interface and “better performance” on smartphones and desktops. These updates will be released in the coming months.

Microsoft writes that the company intends to “improve it, make it faster, more reliable and update” Skype. The company says it has heard comments from Skype users and reports that it will release new features for the chat service in the coming months.

Skype will have a new interface for voice and video calls, among others. The service will have several display options, including a grid view which should display all of the conversation participants side by side, whether or not they are using a webcam. Users can also choose to show only chat members who are using the webcam. The user’s video stream is also displayed over the network. The service will also receive a file Loud speakerPresentation, which shows only the participant speaking. The Microsoft blog also refers to the “large gallery” and the file together-method.

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Microsoft is also adding new themes and layout options to Skype. For example, the buttons have new color gradients. In addition, the service icons come with an elaborate design from Microsoft, the design. Users without a profile photo now also get a color photo with their initials, instead of the blue letters on a flat background. The company also claims that the service performs up to “30%” better on desktops and “up to 2000%” better on Android in “key scenarios”, although the company does not explain why these numbers are based. .

Additionally, the tech giant talks about an improvement to the Now meet feature, which allows Skype users to invite people to a conversation even if they don’t have an account. The company also offers a TwinCam feature, which allows users to simultaneously stream video from two cameras. Users can scan the QR code on the desktop version of Skype using their smartphone, after which they can use their phone as an additional camera. Skype Translate now also works with Skype-to-phone calls. Previously, this feature only worked in Skype chats.

Photos via Microsoft

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