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Microsoft allows you to have a Microsoft account without a password. Users who choose to do so can sign in using alternative methods such as the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a passkey, or verification code.

From Wednesday, Microsoft will allow you to create a Microsoft account without password initialization. For the moment, these are only personal accounts that will benefit from the “account without password” option in the coming months. This will appear both on existing accounts that already have a password and when creating a new account.

Users who want to remove their account password should go to the Microsoft Authenticator app installation and link their account. They can then turn the option on or off in Additional Security Options for their Microsoft account, under Account without password. Finally, they need to verify their account.

Microsoft is warning users that they “may lose access” to certain apps, services and older devices. For example, it is not possible to sign in to the Xbox 360 with a Microsoft account without a password, nor on any Office program from 2010 or earlier, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or earlier.

Microsoft recommends that Xbox 360 or Office 2010 users have a file app password to use. This is an automatically generated password that the user can request from their account’s security options. After once, the password expires and a new one must be requested. Microsoft reports that it is always possible to deactivate the “account without password” again.

Sign-in options include Microsoft Authenticator and Windows Hello, where you don’t need a password, but, for example, a PIN or fingerprint. According to Microsoft, hacking these methods is less easy than hacking a password. Additionally, passwords are often part of a data breach, which would not happen quickly with a PIN, for example. Additionally, users will find passwords boring. According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft, a third of people prefer to stop using their account altogether rather than reset their password. The company claims that 85% of users log in without a password.

Microsoft has also informed that it will soon begin the work required to remove passwords from Azure Active Directory accounts. Administrators then have the option of defining whether or not this option is granted to specific users. The company has been working for some time to be able to remove passwords as a method of logging in to its software and services. Password not required since 2019 For Windows 10.


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