Major software update for the Huawei Watch GT2. All the new features!


Welcome everyone to 2022 and it’s the new New Years software update for the Huawei GT2 watch. It just received a very important update that brings a collection of visual and functional improvements that I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get going.

Huawei boot animation has been upgraded to that of latest Huawei devices. Finished the red shell above the Huawei brand.

The drop down menu has a new addition which is the drain icon. Basically, if you take the watch to swim or bathe, the watch can fill with water in the speaker slots and so this button plays a tone to vibrate the water molecules out of that slot. Why would someone take a bath with their watch on? When do you charge it? Unless you’re afraid someone will bite it while you’re in the shower.

Which is no longer a big concern now as this update brought pin locking to the watch. So as soon as it detects a lack of pulse or if it is restarted, it automatically locks itself. The pin itself is a 6 digit code. You can still check the time with the locked screen, but that’s all you can do.

Notifications have undergone a well-deserved makeover. Instead of a notification banner covering the entire screen, notifications only cover the bottom quarter of the screen. They will just briefly display the icon of the app sending the notification and the name of the sender and disappear and leave what you were doing on the watch uninterrupted. And for me the most AMAZING part is that notifications no longer turn off my flash when I have turned it on on the watch. This one made me want to pull my hair out.

The activity rings are now thicker, the weather now has a screen for 8 hours of outdoor conditions separate from the 7 day weather forecast which itself is divided into 2 screens. Oh and the watch is now navigating. It’s currently limited to Huawei’s internal Petal cards and not on iOS either, but I mean it’s a huge advancement. All it does is turn-by-turn navigation that shows you how far away the next turn is.

When you receive a call, you can now use the physical buttons to adjust the volume. The upper one increases and the lower one decreases the volume.

These are the striking new additions that I saw in the major software update for the Huawei Watch GT2. In fact, I’m happy that a watch from 2019 is still getting some attention. Probably more attention than my Huawei P30 Pro but history for another day. If I missed a new feature let me know in the comments.

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