Latest Tesla software update provides shortcut for heating controls and more

After v11 software complaints, Tesla’s latest v12.1 update makes it easier to use the heater controls again and provides some nice browser upgrades.

You’re here has a software update being rolled out to cars worldwide that fixes an issue caused by the previous version. The problem was that the heating controls became much more difficult to access. This is resolved after the last update, which is a relief, although the fix is ​​coming in early spring instead of winter where it would have been more appreciated.

The latest Tesla models use heat pumps for climate control, a nice improvement in efficiency over the usual resistive heating that most vehicles still rely on. Naturally, an electric car benefits greatly from energy savings as it leaves more battery power for increased range. Charging takes a little longer than filling a gas tank and even with a full battery the range is often less than that of a fossil fuel vehicle. Therefore, every small power reserve is optimized for maximum efficiency.


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After a frustrating few months of having to dig through menus to access heating controls during the coldest part of winter, Tesla is rolling out software version 2002.12.1, or v12.1, which contains several improvements, including a workaround. to the v11 problem with heating controls. This new update allows you to customize the bottom bar to quickly access a shortcut to seat heating and defrosting controls. This is done in a similar way to repositioning apps on an iPhone or Android, just touch and hold any icon in the dock, then drag a control to the preferred location on the dock. Then just press the seat warmers and various other controls for instant access, with a maximum of five allowed. The release notes were shared by Not a Tesla app

Everything else new with Tesla v12.1

Other changes include more accurate charging time estimates that take into account battery temperature and its impact on charging. A newer version of the web browser also brings nice improvements and is based on Chromium updates for better rendering and stronger security. Other changes include search bar autocomplete, which speeds up access to frequently visited websites, an option to clear browser history, and showing bookmarks as suggestions when a new tab is open.

Child lock can be activated for either the right or left rear door, providing much-needed flexibility for families. Additionally, the Tesla app will be able to place the car in Dog Mode or Camp Mode from a smartphone when using mobile app version 4.7.0 and v12.1 software on the Tesla vehicle. . Combining several convenient features with operational enhancements, the You’re here The v12.1 software is something to look forward to and highlights the continued refinement and attention to detail.

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Source: Not a Tesla app

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