Krafton to improve BGMI’s security system to catch cheaters



Krafton, the developers and publishers of India’s most famous battle royale mobile game, “Battlegrounds Mobile India”, spoke of the lingering problems with the growing number of cheaters in the game. Beginning with the phrase “Fair play is our priority ”, the developers have revealed the measures they are taking against illegal programs, cheaters and cheaters.

We all know that countless numbers of gamers use illegal tricks and programs to take advantage of others. Thus, ruining the complete fun of players who play competitive or casual games. Kraton came out with strong words on this major issue and revealed the steps that will be taken by them to make BGMI a fair gaming environment.

They wrote: “We are working daily on applying logic and updating illegal programs, blocking ad channels and real-time monitoring, and have permanently sanctioned over 1.52 million accounts. to date and are working on modernizing our systems. However, despite these efforts, cheaters still exist in the game. And here are the next steps ”,

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1. More detailed revalidation of game data for higher ranked users

Detailed review of the top leaderboards. We clean it up.

  • If you use cheats, you will be banned.
  • If you promote cheats or cheat assisted ranking pushes, you will be banned.
  • If you have cheated in the past and are not currently cheating, you will be banned for good.

2. Prevent advertising of cheaters and cheat programs

If you advertise the sale of illegal programs and tips via in-game profile pictures, or distribute illegal program usage videos, promotional videos / images on other websites, we will take strict action such as permanently suspending in-game use and shutting down channels. .

3. Strengthen our security system

We will continue to improve the ban logic through a more in-depth analysis of users who use illegal programs.

Krafton aims to provide a fair playing environment and will take all necessary means and measures to remedy any action that hinders it. They also asked supporters of the game to report players regularly, if they are found using unfair means or hacking.

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