Is Chrome OS better than Windows 11? Comparison of operating systems from Google and Microsoft

Is Chrome OS better than Windows 11? If you want a super cheap, super light and super streamlined laptop, then, quite simply, yes. But if you need to do things you can’t do in the cloud, Windows 11 is probably the best bet.

But, as always, it’s not that simple. As such, here we take a look at the details of what Chrome OS does better than Windows 11 and what Windows 11 does better than Chrome OS. That way you know what will work best for you as you browse the best laptops and best Chromebooks on the market today.

Chrome OS Launcher

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When Chrome OS is better than Windows 11

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system designed for mobile use: it doesn’t need powerful hardware and is primarily designed for use with cloud-based apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. By keeping your data in the cloud and doing the heavy lifting on remote servers, Chrome doesn’t need a lot of storage space or really powerful processors. This means that you can buy Chromebook laptops for very little money and get really impressive performance. That’s not always the case with Windows laptops, where the cheaper ones can be really underpowered.

Chrome OS devices don’t slow down over time because you don’t install tons of apps on them. They also stay secure because when Google fixes its online services, those fixes are available everywhere for everyone.

Chrome is simpler and easier to learn than Windows. Windows 11 looks better than before, but it’s still a lot more complex than Chrome.

The bottom line here is whether the apps you need are available in the cloud, and whether their cloud-based versions are as good as equivalent Windows apps. Take Photoshop, for example: the web version is good, but it’s a lite version rather than the full version you’d run on Windows, so it doesn’t have all the same tools.

For work, study and entertainment, most key applications are available in the cloud, whether it’s Microsoft Office online, Disney+ or presentation applications. But heavier apps for things like music production or digital imaging are more likely to be available for Windows than Chrome.

Windows 11 operating system

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When Windows 11 is better than Chrome OS

Many apps are simply not available for Chrome. This could include the statistics application you need for college or the CRM application used by your workplace; the digital audio workstation you want to record your music on or the video editing application you want to make a movie with.

Windows laptops typically have a lot more storage than Chromebooks, and you can always install cloud services for mobile access and file sharing.

Higher-performance Windows machines are brilliant for gaming in ways that Chromebooks aren’t: not just in terms of performance but in terms of choice. You’ll find Angry Birds on Chrome, but not on triple-A blockbusters or Steam.

Windows is much better at supporting media files, and you can easily extend it by downloading and installing additional codecs to add support for more formats. And if your computer has a Blu-Ray drive, you can play DVDs or Blu-ray discs on it. You cannot play Blu-Ray on a Chromebook.

The choice of Windows laptops is absolutely huge, ranging from the best budget laptops to high-end workstations and the best gaming laptops.

Chrome OS vs Windows 11: Which is better?

It really depends on you. Chrome is a great operating system for everyday computing, with a good range of affordable but not underpowered devices that are easy to use and portable, as well as more capable models for more demanding tasks. . Windows is much more powerful and much more flexible, but it can be overkill if you only use it to work in Google Docs and stream Netflix, which you can also do in Chrome.

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