iOS 16 is out: How to install the latest iPhone software update

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Apple on Monday released iOS 16, the latest major software update for the iPhone range. Along with iOS 16, Apple also released WatchOS 9 for the apple watch and TVOS 16 for the AppleTV. iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura are expected to arrive in October.

iOS 16 includes several new features that will change the way you use your iPhone — or at least change the way you interact with its lock screen.

You can now fully customize your iPhone’s lock screen with rotating background photos (automated or your choice) and lock screen widgets for visible information – something that will be even more useful on the iPhone 14 Prois permanently displayed.

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Other iOS 16 improvements include an update to the Messages app that lets you edit or delete iMessages after they are sent, more advanced focus settings and filters, the ability to schedule emails, and other improvements to the Mail app.

iPhone 14 Plus models in the Apple Store

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How to install iOS 16 on your iPhone

If you are ready to take the leap and install iOS 16 on your iPhone right now, and you have one of the iPhone models that will get iOS 16, make sure to set aside around 30 minutes to complete the task. Not only does it take a bit of time to download and install the update, but before that, you’ll need to follow our guide to get your iPhone ready for the update. It is recommended that you follow some maintenance steps before installing major updates: this will save you additional headaches in case something goes wrong.

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With all of this done, make sure your iPhone is plugged in and charging and has a strong Wi-Fi connection. The former will ensure that your phone won’t run out of power during installation, while the latter will help speed up the process. Here’s how to install iOS 16:

iOS installation process

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  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Select General > Software update.
  3. Your iPhone will automatically check for the update. I had two options when looking for the update on an iPhone 13 Pro Max: iOS 15.7, or, at the bottom of the page, Upgrade to iOS 16.
  4. Faucet Upgrade to iOS 16.
  5. Select Download and install and enter your password if prompted.

From now on, let your iPhone do the rest of the work. You may be asked to approve restarting your iPhone to complete the installation process, or if you miss the prompt, your iPhone should restart on its own.

In any case, your iPhone will restart several times during the installation. It’s normal. Once it’s done, you’ll see your typical lock screen where you can then enter your password and start tapping and swiping your way through the update.

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