Huawei Gets Security System and Device Chip Patent Approval

Today, Huawei released a new patent to provide charging power to electric cars. According to the information, the Huawei patent is titled “a charging pile and a control method”. The goal behind the innovation of this patent is to increase charging speed and reduce charging time.

The Chinese manufacturer has long been developing vehicle technology and securing it in the form of patents. On the other hand, Huawei has several refusals to build its own vehicles and aims to become the leading automotive technology provider in the market.

According to the latest information, Huawei plans to develop a new electric SUV in partnership with SERES. It was also reported that entering the electric vehicle industry could become an important new growth area for Huawei.

Description of the patent:

Following the Huawei patent document, it is found that the charging pile includes a power conversion circuit to provide charging power for an electric vehicle and a controller to obtain the temperature of the charging pile.

When the temperature of the charging stack is less than or equal to a predefined value and when the temperature threshold is set, the charging power is controlled to be greater than the power at full load. In addition, when the temperature of the charging stack is higher than the preset temperature threshold, the charging power is controlled to be the full-load power.

When the temperature of the charging pile is less than or equal to the predefined temperature threshold, the charging pile is controlled to charge the electric vehicle with a charging power greater than the full charge power.

Greater charging power for charging, increasing charging speed. When the temperature exceeds a predefined temperature threshold, the electric vehicle is charged to a lower full load power.

The minimum charging power provided by the app is the full charging power, and the average charging power during the charging process is higher than the traditional charging power. It increases charging speed and shortens charging time.


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