Harrison County School District Installs Bus Safety System



Aggressive drivers should be warned that the Harrison County School District is taking steps to report violators at school bus stops to police.

District buses are now equipped with a robust camera system that can easily track the registration numbers of passing cars.

Each bus is equipped with $ 2,000 of front and rear cameras, which represents $ 400,000 in federal funds for the project.

School officials say drivers passing by bus stop arms are the most problematic in subdivisions.

The reason for the new system is mainly a deterrent, as signs on the buses indicate that the cameras are in place. Deputy Director of Safety and Internal Compliance Shannon Nobles said: “She could push a button if there’s a stop arm violation and someone doesn’t stop for her sign. stop. She presses the button – this video is captured, the vehicle tag is captured, and it goes to the district office, and then we take it to law enforcement and lay charges. “

Bus driver Sandra Hauersperger said: “The problem is we have to go so fast and bypass the school bus. Just take your time, give that kid five minutes, two seconds to get on the bus. “

The Harrison County School District implemented the security system this year and is so far the only one on the coast.


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