Ford, ADT Launch Vehicle Security System, Yard Panel Not Included

The joint venture is called Canopy and the service is expected to be available from 2023.

Virtually all new vehicles are equipped with an active anti-theft system. It can be as simple as an audible alarm, or something more complex like GPS tracking, but generally speaking such systems engage after a crime has already been committed. Ford is now working with ADT Security Services to help prevent crime from happening.

Ford Transit Connect ADT

Ford Transit Connect ADT

The joint venture is called Canopy and aims to bring real-time monitoring for automobiles similar to what ADT offers with homes and businesses. To do this, a multitude of cameras and sensors will detect activity around the vehicle. In case of suspicious behavior, pre-recorded warnings can be played along with other sound alerts. In the future, live warnings will be available via two-way communication through an app, but live monitoring is obviously the big tamale for this security upgrade.

Initially, Canopy will be aimed at Ford commercial customers with a tilt toward high-volume trucks and vans such as the F-150 and Transit. And since this is technically a new company’s security system using its own set of cameras and sensors, it’s not a factory-installed option. Canopy products will eventually be available at dealerships as well as major retailers and online, and once everything is installed, it will require a subscription to use.

Would Canopy stop these thieves?

“Thieves have been even more active during the pandemic and know that business owners are storing valuable equipment in vehicles, often carrying more than $50,000 worth of equipment,” said Franck Louis-Victor, vice -President of Ford New Business Platform. “Canopy is here for those who are tired of theft threatening their livelihoods. The key to Ford’s software transformation is new ideas like Canopy and collaborating with other innovators like ADT, which brings vehicle safety their leadership protecting families, homes and businesses.

Canopy is expected to launch in 2023 for vehicles in the US and UK. Eventually, the service could be offered on vehicles from other car manufacturers.

Source: Ford

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