Bose announces a software upgrade that improves the performance and functionality of its QuietComfort® headphones.

It also includes new modes for specialized activities, fast gratification with Spotify Tap, audio preference settings and easier multi-device connections, all while retaining the legendary noise reduction and sound quality of QC headphones.

It combines the power of Bose AWARE mode with revolutionary ActiveSenseTM technology to allow the world to be heard clearly and naturally, reducing loud distractions when they occur and returning to full transparency once they have passed.

Software update 2.0.7 is now available in the Bose Music app, compatible with iOS and Android, and free for existing and new users.

QC headphones now keep you more in the moment. There are still noise cancellation levels ranging from 0 to 10, but with the software update the higher and lower defaults are automatically renamed: 10 is QUIET for maximum noise suppression; 0 is AWARE of hearing yourself, others, and everything in between as though there is nothing in your ears.

New ActiveSense, new modes keep you more in the moment

This benefit is even better when paired with new Bose ActiveSense technology, which uses digital signal processing and QC microphones to let the environment pass through the ear cups, only calming the world when harsh sounds occur. , and only as long as they last.

There are no manual settings to hear your music or podcast on a passing city bus or train, or to hear your surroundings again when it’s gone. Everything happens dynamically, wherever you are, wherever you go.

For ‘always on’ noise cancellation, the Bose Music app now lets you tailor noise cancellation levels to new modes for specific activities or locations: commuting, focus, home, music, outdoors, relaxation, running, walking, working and training. Two can be added as shortcuts, so QUIET, AWARE, and your own personal choices can all be accessed by double-tapping the left earbud, supported by voice prompts that confirm which mode you’re in when you toggle and switch . Spotify Tap, new audio controls for music lovers

For music lovers, Spotify Tap has been integrated, giving Spotify users instant access to their last session or personalized playlists with a single long press, also on the left earbud. To adjust bass, mid and treble frequencies, the selectable equalizer is now an option – also new in the app. Multiple devices, fewer steps

Software update 2.0.7 improves the operation of QC headphones with multiple devices. They remember the last seven connections and switch between them seamlessly without the need to manually disconnect first. About QuietComfort headphones

QuietComfort headphones were introduced in September 2020, setting a whole new standard in the category of noise cancellation, audio quality, and all-day comfort and stability. For content, calls or focus, QC Earbuds has redefined what is possible from a small personal audio device. They combine flexible yet waterproof StayHear â„¢ Max ear tips to physically block sound with multiple microphones that sense, measure and send any remaining distractions to a proprietary microchip, loaded with a proprietary algorithm.

With micro-transducers, the system responds with an accurate, equal, and opposite signal in less than a fraction of a millisecond. The result is spectacular, unparalleled and creates a blank canvas for listening to music with a depth and detail not previously available.

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