Even supports games that are not on Steam and multiple operating systems can be installed at the same time. The charging cable is one and a half meters


Ever since Valve confirmed the existence of the Steam Deck portable game console, the gaming community has been rowdy with this “laptop”. The demands for Steam Deck are so high that the expected delivery date has been pushed back to 2022, although the images we still see in Steam Deck commercials are not the final product design.

The fact that gamers order when product details aren’t clear shows two things: demand for a portable gaming device is still high, and trust in the maker and publisher of Valve games. In response to their interest, Valve announced a slew of new information regarding the Steam Deck machine.

They answer player questions, which are questions gathered from gaming communities, major newspapers, and even the private mailbox of current Valve founder and operator Gabe Newell.

Can I use multiple Steam accounts on a single Steam platform?

Yes really. Each Steam Deck account will have its own location to save game files as well as personal settings.

Can Steam Deck run non-Steam games through Proton?

Yes, you can play games not purchased on Steam with Proton.

Does Steam on Steam Deck have the same “add a game” functionality as on Steam on the desktop?

Yes, we will support adding games like Steam to the desktop.

Will the Steam Deck UI replace Big Picture mode?

This is our goal, but the update will be done step by step.

Big Picture mode in Steam.

Are Proton improvements on Steam Deck (such as anti-cheat support) available on the Proton desktop?

Yes, these improvements will be applied to all Proton devices.

How will SteamOS and Steam Deck support offline mode when playing?

As with computers, you will need an internet connection to download and play online games. Once the game has been downloaded to your disc, you will be able to play it on your Steam Deck offline, unless the game requires it.

What file formats will the microSD card support on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck microSD card uses the Linux ext4 file management system. Steam Deck will format the SD memory card to the correct format for playback.

Can I use Steam Deck as a controller for my PC?

You can connect Steam Deck to your computer via remote play mode and use it as an external console.

Valve has announced a slew of new information about the Steam Deck: support for games not available on Steam, installations of multiple operating systems at the same time, 1.5 meter charging cable - photo 3.

Does Steam Deck support VR devices for PC?

Technically, a PC VR suite can be connected to a Steam Deck, but Steam Deck won’t give users the optimal VR experience.

Will connecting Surface to charger increase device performance?

No, connecting the board to the charging station is like connecting USB-C to a computer. Steam Deck always works at perfect performance when unplugged.

How are the 64 GB and 256 GB models different?

All models have glass screens and are IPS LCD screens. The screen of the 512 GB model has an additional anti-reflective coating.

What touch technology is available in Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck has two LRA touch motors, located under each trachpad.

Valve has announced a series of new information about the Steam Deck: support for games not available on Steam, simultaneous installation of multiple operating systems, 1.5 meter charging cable - photo 4.

Does the audio jack support headphones with microphone?

Yes, with the CTIA standard.

Is the screen multi-touch?

Yes, you can use all ten fingers on the screen.

How long is the charging cable?

1.5 meters.

Does Valve sell Steam Deck through retail chains?

Steam Deck is sold directly through Steam only. We may partner with other retailers when Steam Deck reaches regions other than the United States. Valve will provide information on this soon.

Valve has announced a slew of new information about the Steam Deck: support for games not available on Steam, multiple OS installations at the same time, and a half-meter charging cable - photo 5.

Can Valve provide BIOS information? Does Steam Deck support booting on two operating systems on one device?

You can install multiple operating systems and choose the operating system you want to use. The user has access to the BIOS.

Can users boot the operating system from the memory card?

Yes, Steam Deck supports booting from microSD cards.

Does Steam Deck support external GPUs?

No, the device cannot support the external GPU.

Can I redeem my desired Steam Deck model after pre-ordering it?

Incorrect. Once you’ve placed an order, the only way to edit the form is to cancel the order and place a new order (this will push you into the queue).

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