Elon Musk says SpaceX team released software update to allow Starlink to run from car power after Russia began targeting power infrastructure in Ukraine

Elon Musk – 2, Russia – 0

In part 2 of the mind-blowing saga, it’s how SpaceX (a company present in Texas but currently based in California) responds to calls from the Ukrainian government to help them stay connected to the web. [read part 1 here]

“Software update to reduce maximum power consumption, so that Starlink can be powered by car cigarette lighter.

Mobile roaming enabled, so the phased array antenna can maintain the signal while the vehicle is moving. – Elon Musk”

After Elon Musk promised Ukraine to activate Starlink in the country and ship hundreds of terminals, Russia began attacking electricity infrastructure, in part to cause a media blackout in the country . The attacks also included bombings of television antennas. Noticing this new tactic, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov reached out to Twitter desperately looking for ways to keep Starlink terminals online.

SpaceX and our very own Elon Musk quickly answered the call by writing a new version of the software and pushing an over-the-air update to reduce Starlink’s peak power consumption AND allow it to keep a strong signal during of his travels. This means Ukraine can now power each terminal with significantly less power and even mount Starlink inside vehicles and continue to use the web while those vehicles are moving.

Again, the SpaceX team did all of this in less than 24 hours.


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