DJI Terra software update makes drone mapping smoother and faster

DJI Terra is an all-in-one drone mapping solution that contains all the resources surveyors or project managers need to plan, visualize, process and analyze aerial data. The software has now been updated to version 3.3.0 to improve both product functionality as well as Terra’s processing speed. Here’s what’s new…

3D reconstruction speed in the software has been increased by 25%. Additionally, the volume of models in multiple formats (.b3dm, .osgb, .s3mb) has been reduced by up to 30% to improve user experience.

Another highlight is that DJI Terra now supports 2D reconstruction with Map Grid, which defines the grid length and divides Digital Orthophotography (DOM) maps and Digital Surface Models (DSM) into grids. You can also generate an undersampled DSM in 2D reconstruction for urban scenes, which can be used in terrain following missions.

The software update further enables simultaneous 2D and 3D reconstruction in a single mission. For 2D reconstruction, ensure that the camera tilt angle of at least three images is less than or equal to 35 degrees. You can also use the new Rebuild Parameters Checklist to ensure correctness before rebuilding. In the meantime, DJI has fixed the issue where cluster rebuild fails due to local network instability.

Version 3.3.0 further adds support for detailed inspection missions with flight route waypoint checks to ensure flight safety. During this time, if you are processing point cloud data collected by Zenmuse L1, you will be able to change the coordinates of the base station. DJI has also added support for adjusting the height offset of point cloud data collected by Zenmuse L1.

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There are several other improvements, optimizations and fixes that make DJI Terra version 3.3.0 a notable update. These include:

  • Support for sorting and filtering in Mission Library.
  • Support for changing the density of feature points.
  • Support for defining the aerial triangulation coordinate system in the XML file.
  • Auto-rotate support.
  • Updates to Mission Library and Reconstruction pages to improve user experience.
  • Support for using mission name as folder name to easily view rebuild output.
  • Added Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French and Russian language options for the quality report.
  • Support for importing mark files after marking points in multiple devices.
  • The 3D model background has now been updated to black.
  • Support for detailed inspection mission with point cloud files displayed by height, returns or reflectivity.
  • Adds a quick measurement for Map.
  • Support for separate definition of ROI for 2D and 3D reconstruction.
  • Support for copying ROI from 2D to 3D and vice versa.
  • Support for viewing camera outlets in Reconstruction.
  • Resolves an occasional issue where rebuild efficiency is low when using a high performance computer.
  • Resolves issue where worker device cannot be searched or applied when there are many worker devices in cluster rebuild.
  • Fixes the issue of noise production when selecting the 3D reconstruction encirclement scenario.
  • Fixes issue where reconstruction fails after changing parameters of previous aerial triangulation result.
  • Resolves issue where the DSM elevation is incorrect when the elevation of the projected coordinate system is in imperial units.
  • Fixes issue where 2D reconstruction file size increases when projected coordinate system is in imperial units. Also fixes the occasional issue where there is no response during 2D reconstruction.
  • Fixes issue where power lines are overlapped after enabling point cloud accuracy optimization in Zenmuse L1.
  • Addresses issues where OEM6 format GNSS data collected by Zenmuse L1 fails to complete point cloud processing.
  • Fixes the issue where the LiDAR flight route file in TXT format is not stored correctly.

Check out more details about DJI Terra version 3.3.0 here.

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