Comcast offers monitoring for its Notion DIY security system

Comcast added a professional monitoring option for the do-it-yourself home security system the company acquired when it acquired security equipment maker Notion with little fanfare about two years ago.

Comcast already offers its customers a smart home and security system originally developed by Notion. Owners install the system themselves. Initially, customers also carried out their own monitoring: they received text messages on their smartphones when an alert was generated.

Today’s news focuses on a $10 monthly professional monitoring option for this system dubbed the Notion PRO. Professional monitoring is supported by live operators who can notify emergency responders as needed, even if the owner does not immediately see the smartphone alert.

The service monitors door and window openings and can also respond to alerts generated by multi-function sensors designed to detect other conditions, including:

  • when the temperature in a room rises above or falls below certain temperatures, indicating a possible failure of a heating or cooling system
  • water leaks
  • “audible smoke alarms” (the wording does not suggest that the sensor acts as a smoke alarm, but that it can detect the triggering of a separate smoke alarm)

Although the Notion webpage states that a single multifunctional sensor can monitor multiple conditions, it also notes that multiple sensors may be needed in a home. A sensor placed next to a washing machine in the basement apparently cannot detect a smoke detector that goes off in the attic, for example.

Source: Notion

Partnerships with insurance companies

However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Comcast offer is the link with insurance companies.

“Notion is partnering with insurance companies in the United States and Australia to help homeowners proactively monitor their property,” reads today’s press release. “Notion is continually expanding its programs, including the ability to unlock revenue sharing with partners for Notion PRO.”

Customer alarm systems can help insurance companies minimize costs by helping to minimize damage to customers’ homes. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have alarm systems.

Asked to provide more details on the revenue share referenced in the release, a Comcast spokesperson said “for certain partner programs, partners who sign up to help promote Notion PRO to customers will receive a monthly percentage of PRO revenue generated by their customers”.

The term “partner” refers to insurance companies.

The spokesperson also confirmed that Notion PRO monitoring is provided by COPS and RapidSOS.

Updated with information from a Comcast spokesperson on revenue sharing with insurance companies

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