Avast Secure Browser PRO protects devices and operating systems against web threats



Avast has released a premium version of its free secure and private browser, Avast Secure Browser PRO. A Chromium-based browser for Windows PCs comes with built-in VPN and Adblock technology for people who need a suite of security, privacy, and performance services to fight web threats.

The built-in VPN, which provides access to 30 locations worldwide covering all continents except Antarctica, helps ensure the highest levels of privacy protection by encrypting all inbound and outbound connections.

Avast Secure Browser PRO for Windows provides users with transparent and powerful digital protection regardless of their level of technical confidence, and ensures that the choice of privacy is available to everyone while browsing the web.

In 2020, Avast added built-in VPNs to the premium version of its mobile browser for Android and iOS; including them now also in the premium version of Avast Secure Browser on PC marks the next step in Avast’s mission to deliver a safer, more private and faster browsing experience on all devices and operating systems, and aligns with the company’s larger goal of enabling personal privacy control for all.

“The browser is the modern operating system, and with browser-based web threats one of the most common avenues of attack, we have a responsibility to protect our customers online by keeping their Internet connections secure and private. “said Fiona Cliffe, director. of the browser product at Avast. “We have built our browser around a security and privacy hub to provide this in a frictionless manner for the user and based on the belief that to preserve people’s digital freedom, security and privacy must be simplified and demystified. “

Avast has also added privacy and compatibility features to Avast Secure Browser PRO, in addition to its existing anti-phishing, anti-tracking, banking mode, and password manager services. These include:

  • Advanced adblock: set with “Strict mode” as the default option so that ads and trackers are automatically blocked. Other options include “Essential Mode” and “Balanced Mode” (Recommended), which block all ads that violate the acceptable ad standard, including pop-ups and autoplay videos. Balanced Mode also blocks other non-intrusive ads to improve the speed and safety of browsing sessions.
  • Integrated VPN: No buffering, no throttling, and no encrypted bandwidth limits for a smoother, faster, and unrestricted online experience.
  • Connect up to five devices: on mobile and on computer.

Avast Secure Browser PRO is compatible with Windows 10, iOS and Android, and Mac support will be available soon. The subscription service has three tiers and includes a seven-day free trial. The monthly subscription is priced at $ 5.99 per month; the one-year subscription at $ 4.17 per month; and the two-year offer at $ 2.92 per month.


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