Apple Launches Software Update For iPhones To Fix These “Problems”



Barely a month ago Apple deployed the largest software update – iOS 15 -from the year to iPhone. Since then there has been another incremental update and now iOS 15.0.2 is available for users to download. The update provides fixes to some issues reported by users. Here’s what’s new in iOS 15.0.2

Photos saved to your library from Messages can be deleted after deleting the associated thread or message

Some users had complained that photos saved to library via messages were deleted. Apple fixed the issue with the latest update.

IPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe may not connect to Find My

An iPhone accessory was not connecting to the Find My app for some users and has now been fixed

AirTag may not appear in the Find My Items tab

A few users reported that AirTag was not showing in the Find My Items tab after deploying iOS 15. iOS 15.0.2 fixes this issue.

CarPlay may fail to open audio apps or log out while playing

Apple CarPlay for many users “crashed” when a music app was opened. It is also something that we have experienced. If a song was playing and someone called, CarPlay would be disconnected. Apple also fixed this problem.

Device restore or update might fail when using Finder or iTunes for iPhone 13 models

Some users who bought the new iPhone 13 models have complained that the device failed to restore or update when using the Finder app or iTunes. The issue has also been fixed, per Apple’s release notes for the latest iOS update.
IPhone users can update their device to iOS 15.0.2 by going to the Settings app, choose General, and then tap Software Update.


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