Apple fixes macOS Monterey upgrade bug that crashes T2 macs – Computer



But if Apple doesn’t sell them a Mac, they’re talking from the manufacturer’s point of view. In this case, the Apple Store assumes no responsibility for legal guarantee. They would be entitled to indicate a possible guarantee to the seller, but they are nowhere required to designate you as a consumer. Knowing your warranty is your responsibility
the consumer himself. So it is very easy to point the finger at the store.

The only reason this warranty is covered is because it’s Apple’s fault, and as we all know Apple never makes mistakes.

This sentence gets straight to the point … are we really going to make mistakes now?
And Apple never makes mistakes? So why do they offer a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on all of their products? They don’t have to, and it’s just an indulgence. Admitting the mistakes they make for sure take a look here. Whether Apple is strong and only recognizes such structural issues with a lot of effort and layering is a whole different story. It has nothing to do with the legal warranty. Recognizing this is especially important in the United States, where there is no legal warranty (except in California). There, they are therefore at the mercy of the manufacturers. A very different story from Europe …

Again, if Nyarlathotep chooses to have his MacBook repaired at an Apple Store, outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, and then get an optional paid repair, that is his own responsibility. And 999 times out of 1,000 people will certainly ask if someone actually visited the seller, that’s fine. But for sure Not their responsibility.


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