AirTags get another mysterious software update



Apple released a new firmware version again this week that runs on its AirTag Bluetooth device trackers.

According to MacRumors, the version number for the new update is 1A291f, following the release of 1A291e earlier in September. Keep in mind that the build number is not the same as the firmware version number, which is confusing, and the latter does not seem to have changed: it is still 1.0.291.

What’s new in the firmware update isn’t entirely clear at the time of writing, but it seems to affect – and possibly eliminate entirely, according to MacRumors – a “metering” feature that previously limited the proportion of users receiving each update. 1A291f may also include various bug and security fixes.

There is no indication that 1A291f contains anything as important as the update rolled out earlier this summer to make stalking – the ability to track people without them realizing it – more difficult.

Like the software that runs on Apple AirPods, AirTags software updates automatically, the only requirement being that you have your iPhone nearby. You can check which version you have by opening the Find My app, going to the Items tab, selecting an item followed by AirTag, and then tapping on the name, which will change to reveal the serial number and version. firmware. However, this does not tell you the build number.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.


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