Administrators can only install printers and drivers after PrintNightmare – Computer patch


Uh, actually. This happened to me on a regular basis at my former employer, at two locations, 15 minutes apart by bike, and then your 200 page print job came out of the wrong printer as it was last used yesterday ( when I was in the other place). Argh!

It could probably be more convenient, but ICNeener (that’s what we called it, because he thought everything was too complicated), thought it was a great solution. He only worked in one place and was never in another, so he didn’t mind. VPN for work from home was also an old solution, everything should be in the cloud. He wasn’t worried that it wasn’t very useful with CAD models, because you guessed it: it didn’t do anything with them. Eventually the engineering department set up the NAS, but by then I was already gone.

I am now working in a company with Follow Me and I think it’s really cool. The only downside is that you have to physically go to the printer to start your job, which takes some time compared to the old way of sending your job to the nearest printer and sitting on your workplace, because you hear it is still printing. The advantage (and the main reason for its introduction) is that we save hundreds of thousands of unnecessary prints, because often times you realize after submitting the job that it should have been in color or one-sided, or whatever. thing.

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